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“Wine makes all things possible.”
― George R.R. Martin,
The Mystery Knight

“Wine is a gateway drug to environmentalism.” ― Katherine Cole

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” ― Andre Simon

“Great wine works wonders and is itself one” ― Edward Steinberg

“A wise man did not pour wildfire on a brazier. Instead he poured a fresh cup of wine.” ― George R.R. Martin

“The only way of rendering life endurable is to drink as much wine as one can come by.” ― James Branch Cabell

“Always carry a corkscrew and the wine shall provide itself.” ― Basil Bunting

“Rojinon wine is a wine from true vine.”



From the stables of Samiyke Global Links Ltd a front line company with vision and set goals that differentiate us from the crowd, Samiyke Global Links Ltd was in incorporated in the year 2003 under the corporate affairs commission, acts of companies and allied matters in Nigeria. With many years gone by we have stayed afloat in the business of importation faring from small capacity to become a trade giant. We in 2012 strengthened our import diversification by taking up a franchise agreement with our foreign partners in Valencia Spain. Who are big names in the business of wine making, our business redefined, focused, and set to enter the next business frontiers.



Bottling, Labeling and ready to use


The long anticipated, much awaited Rojinon Wine is in this definition; step up your style with the master of intrigues and suspense Rojinon Wine with full bodied taste.

"Rojinon Wine was made for me" "I was made for Rojinon Wine" "Made of more" "Better than the best" "We are better" "Drink it, you 'll" Love it……

Wine Brands

whitewine Rojinon White Wine

In a world of taste thrust with (Macabeo Grapes), our white wine is refreshing with fresh blossom aromas, fresh yellow coloured, and a lively and fruity aroma. It’s a dry wine with a pleasant acidity and a long finish try, it with sea foods cold cuts and cheese.

rosewine Rojinon Rose Wine

Great care is taken to make the best from the (Bobal Grapes) it is cold fermented to retain the fresh fruity aromas. Soft and mellow with intense fresh, raspberry aromas and fruit nuances Romantic wine on the palate it expresses elegance, freshness and a delightful finish, great with pasta, fish and lighter foods.

redwine Rojinon Red Wine

The (Tempranillo grapes) is a true native Spanish Grapes Gamet coloured with violet tones.An intense and fruity aroma,good balanced with a red fruit finish Juicy and full bodied, great with roasted fish and lighter foods.

semidry Rojinon Red Wine Semi Dry

The finest in its kind a wine made from our finest Tempranillo Grapes. Gamet coloured utterly irresistible with a soft appealing taste that never stops well balanced polished to serve seafood’s, roasted fish and lighter foods.